What Are Tennis Terms?

If you are a beginner to tennis, you will probably have heard of the terms “net play” and “volley”. What are these terms and how do they work?

Net Play

Net play is when the ball is hit to the opponent’s side of the court. The player must then return the ball to their side of the court. This can be done by hitting the ball over the net, or hitting it into the net. If the ball goes over the net, the opponent has the option to hit the ball back to them, or they can play another ball. However, if the ball hits the net and bounces out, the player loses that point.


A volley is when a player hits the ball back towards them. When this happens, the ball is hit as far as possible. If the ball goes over, the opponent may play another ball, but if the ball hits the net, the player loses that point as well.

Tennis Tips for Beginners

When learning tennis, it is important to remember that you should not try to hit the ball too hard. You should aim to hit the ball softly and slowly. This way, you will get the most power from your swing and increase your chances of making a good shot.

Also, it is important to practice using the correct grip. If you use a loose grip, the ball will go in the direction of your palm instead of the direction of your fingers. This can cause problems with your wrist and hand. Using a tight grip will make your shots more powerful, but you will need to practice using a loose grip as well.

The best way to learn tennis is to play with others. This will give you the opportunity to improve your game and learn from the experience of other players. Also, you will have the opportunity to play against different opponents. Playing against the same person will only teach you how to hit the ball to the same area. Playing against different people will help you learn how to hit the ball to different areas.