Top 5 Reasons Novak Can Dethrone Rafa at Roland Garros

In this week’s news, Rafael Nadal demolished Novak Djokovic in the 2020 Roland Garros final, but 2021 can be a different story. Our Top 5 reasons Novak can dethrone Rafa in a potential Roland Garros final rematch.

“Big Bill” Tilden – A Tennis Sporting Royalty

On February 10, 1893, a child that was to become the best tennis gamer of perpetuity was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania. He was William T. (“Big Expense”) Tilden.

Court Tennis – The Game of Kings

Court tennis, the parent video game of lawn tennis, has been played considering that the 12th century. Although for centuries it was called the video game of kings, court tennis was played by the lowers ranks as well as by nobility as well as the nobility.

How to Be a “Smarter” Tennis Player

What does it require to win more suits? How does a tennis champion assume?

New Age Tennis Clothing

With tennis ending up being a hot sporting activity during today therefore lots of pro players being permitted to show off an extra flamboyant clothing line, there are many new options readily available to look great both on as well as off the tennis court. Not only has garments come to be far more trendy than the conventional white t-shirts, white shorts, and white footwear, yet it has also advanced with new technologies, which give a higher benefit to those that use them.

How to Select a Tennis Racquet

Picking a new tennis racquet amongst the hundreds that are offered on the market can be an overwhelming task for any type of tennis player, no matter of their degree of racquet understanding. Racquets from loads of suppliers range in price from $50 to over $400.