Sofia Kenin’s Next Steps After Split with Dad

In this week’s news, Sofia Kenin details reasons for her emotional split with her father Alex Kenin as coach—and the next steps for her career.

Tennis Lesson – Don’t Hit Winners!

Currently before many of you leap out of your trees at me! Let me describe. I am not saying it is incorrect to hit a winning shot.

Badminton, An Easy to Play Sport

In playing tennis any individual can adore outdoors, on the various other hand, it can additionally be played in different parks and back yards throughout the globe. Aside from creating gamesmanship, friendship and respect for others at such a crucial age, continual growth can also be attaining in the future by continually honing the ability through video games and also training.

What to Pick in a Tennis Racket

Tennis noises these days aren’t the ones Grandma made use of when she was in college, though the objective of the game continues to be the very same. The old, heavy wood noises made at that time tended to warp and also a structure needed to be fastened to the head when not being used, to stop it from shedding its form. Today’s noises are a far cry from those.

Buying Tennis Apparel

Tennis is just like other sports that has its very own list of apparel. This article will inform us just how to acquire tennis garments.

Federer’s Shocking Exit Could Be the End of an Era

After bagging the 4th Australian Open at the begin of 2010, he holds the record of winning 16 grand bang titles. But still his absence in the last of the Wimbledon was felt this time. It is not that he was cleaned away in the Wimbledon, the ratings validates the feedback. However it is real that there was no one running alongside his skills then, now that is not the case. He is surpassed by talents who are as skilled as he is.