LUNNADE Unicorn Tennis Racket for Kids Junior, 19/21/23/25 Inch Youth Tennis Racquet with Cover, Suitable for Beginner Boys and Girls Age 3-12

How to Choose the right size for your children
When choosing a tennis racket for your child, the number one concern is finding the correct size. If your young player uses a racket that is too big and heavy, then they are at risk for injury. Despite there not being a drastic increase in weight, the force required to swing a too-big racket is greater and can cause undue stress on the wrist and elbow. On the other hand, if your child uses a racket that is too small, it can stall their progression in the sport.
Unlike adult rackets which are categorized by headsize (the surface area of the string bed), kids’ rackets are categorized by length. In general terms, each length corresponds with an age group; however, if your child is either very tall or very short for their age, you will want to take that into account when selecting the correct racket size.
19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inc and 25-inch rackets are very lightweight and made with young muscles in mind. These rackets all come pre-strung and are recommended based on age and height rather than skill level. The smallest racket LUNNADE makes is 19 inches and is meant for really young kids, aged 3-5, while the slightly longer 21-inch racket can be used for kids,aged 4-6 years old. The 23-inch is the next size up and is ideal for kids aged 7-9 years and our 25-inch rackets are intended for kids aged 10-12 years old.
Remember to take your under-12 child’s height into account when choosing a racket for them. Kids who are tall for their age may want to go up a size, and kids who are shorter will need a shorter racket.
【Ready to Play】 : The tennis racket is pre-strung and comes with a full cover that has a strap.
【Unicorn Design】: The The design is full with children tasty,that make learning fun and effective.
【Good Performance】:The handle is soft and shockproof,can effectively relieve wrist fatigue. Stable Structure ,Light Weight, and large sweet spot of the tennis racket makes children and Juniors play beter tennis and live in healthy.
【How to Choose Tennis Racket for Kids and Juniors】:19 inch : aged 3-5 toddler; 21 inch: aged 4-6 children;23 inch:aged 7-9 youth;25 inch:aged 10-12 junior, suitable for both boys and girls.
【100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Risk Free 】: We promise that each racket will past through high standards of strict test before packaging. Every customer will get the best product and service. If the item you have received is defective or something wrong in any way, please contact us , we will deal with it until you are satisfied. List Price: $23.99