Dayana Yastremska’s Appeal to Lift Doping Ban Denied

In this week’s news, Dayana Yastremska’s second appeal to lift her provisional suspension for doping has been denied leaving her ineligible to play pending resolution of her case.

Come on, Glasses Knight

On 25th October, Janko Tipsarevic, referred to as the Glasses Knight in the tennis globe, battled tough but fell short to obtain the champagne in Kremlin Cup in Moscow. It was really a little pity for Tipsarevic himself and a lot of insane fans.

Tennis Techniques – Take Your Smash to Your Limit!

Among the most fun strategies from all the tennis techniques is possibly overhead smash. This is the shot where you can release whatever you have.

How to Choose a Tennis Racket

This standard guide covers all the basics required when choosing a tennis racket. It offers details on which type of noise is best for you, along with just how its head form will certainly fit your playing style. It also describes just how hold dimension is necessary, including how to determine your grasp dimension.

Tennis Game Basics & Explanations For Beginners

Tennis is typically an outdoor sport played between 2 players for Singles or between 2 groups for Doubles. Players use a noise to strike the ball past the net into the challenger’s court or location.

Tennis Elbow Hurts

If you are a tennis gamer you have actually probably experienced tennis joint. Tennis elbow joint is caused by repeated stress in the tendons of the wrist extensor muscular tissues, just below the elbow.